Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Farewell to yesterday's road

Today my oldest son John would have been 43. I'd like to think he enjoyed all the partying that took place last weekend in his honor... a celebration of his life with a wonderfully loving group of friends and townsfolk who shared stories, played John's music and toasted him with his favorite libation! Javalina Crossing-you're my new favorite BCC hangout, and Tumbleweed Junction... my favorite band!

Soon after I wrote my last post, John passed with a sigh and a grunt.  I'd like to think the sigh was having at last reached the top of that Stairway to Heaven ("our song") and the grunt? That was John pushing the gate of heaven open after his long arduous journey. I'm sure when I get there, he'll be waiting.  I heard from many of his friends that he talked about me a lot more than I might have otherwise been comfortable with.  In fact, he was often described as a "Mama's boy".  ...and that makes me smile!

In retrospect, I realized that in my last post, I was praying God's will. Before then, even as I prayed and believed God for healing, He kept saying no. I'm thinking that even as ornery as he was, the Lord has some important work for him in heaven.  I'll know for sure when my time comes. Though I expect it will have something to do with fishing or caring for all those dogs in heaven.

I'm on my way home tomorrow. Back to "usual" if there is such a thing after this particular road.  I've decided that I'm one month behind the rest of you and starting 2013 on Feb. 1--- and did you know, they're having a Super Bowl on my birthday!

1 John 5:14-15

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