Hello and thanks for checking out "Along the Way"! The content here is as varied as one might expect as I journey through this life.

I am (as I write October 15, 2014) in my 61st year on the road, though I wasn't always walking along with Jesus. I confess, there are times when I wonder if I am now!

I consider myself a Christian, a true follower of Rabbi Jesus who I also believe is Messiah, Son of God, my King and Savior. I am also wife, mother, sister and friend.

My interests and priorities are often reflected in my posts here... I am an avid reader and student of the Bible which lends to other interests including history, archeology, anthropology, culture and languages then and now. I hold my God as #1, and in so doing value my beloved unbeliever in the highest regard.  Prayerfully being a sincere earnest example of Christianity to an atheist is challenging and fun and contentious and most of all loving!

I am also interested in the socio-religio-political atmosphere and so there are times you may find commentary here on just that. Politically, I consider myself a "registered independent", left-leaning moderate. I often comment on social issues that go against the grain of the "religious right", and those who hypocritically wear Jesus on their sleeve. (fair warning)

I live right across from Manhattan (I can see the Freedom Tower from my house), married to a fantastic man for 16 years and have had quite a few challenges is my life in which I've shared here in the past.

I hope you'll check out past posts and come back often going forward!

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