Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This year, I've made the decision to get past this day.  If you've read any of my previous posts, especially for this date, you know where I've been - you know where I was.  Today, I'll be sharing some past photos ... reflect, remember those who died, and please, remember those of us who survived that day, forever changed!


These were taken from my balcony pre 9/11 2001.  My sons Eric and Kevin came to celebrate entering into the new Millenium Dec. 1999

As you may know, I was there that day, in the heart of lower Manhattan.  You can read the full story if you like. This was taken 9/12/2001.  Nuff said.

I had a few months on my job before I was laid off...this was taken December 2001, NYSE

These were taken in June 2004...the first time I actually ventured out to face the past, to get beyond it. Needless to say, despite my resolve...I still cried, even as I gained hope.
Trinity Church

The Escalator-WTC 2 is one I took regularly before 9/11.  It was good to be able to ride it again!

Construction goin' on!

June 2004, the famous IRON CROSS

The WTC "bathtub" that restrains the Hudson

This globe originally stood in the WTC Plaza

The Eternal Flame
That day in June 2004, I came home sad, remembering and to some extent reliving that day-AGAIN
Having the awesome view that we're blessed with, I hadn't let go of what was done...

...the HOLE in my sky!                 

Last year, on September 13, 2011 I visited the 9/11 Memorial  ...and there I found solace and more importantly HOPE...these were taken that day, and if you ever visit New York City, please don't miss this beautiful place. I look forward to going again soon.

I'm sure that no one, especially in the U.S. will ever forget...completely. As for me, as I look out from my balcony this evening, I will look forward to a new Freedom.  Free of the anger, the fear and the horror of that day.  Full of hope and moving forward!
Taken by my husband, Scott Cole, from our balcony September 10, 2012

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