Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christmas in July

Ever had one of those spontaneous and uncontrollable urges to hear a song NOW? I'm talking about a real and powerful urge to drop everything and hear it! Today it happened to me and I'd like to share a little of how it came about.

My daily devotional readings for this year come from The 365 Day Devotional Commentary by Larry Richards (a part of my Logos Library). Today's reading begins the transition from OT to NT with Matthew 1-2.

Matthew begins, first showing Jesus' human lineage and then quoting from Old Testament prophecy to show that Jesus IS indeed King of the Jews. The long promised Messiah.

As I read, I came to the passage where Matthew refers to Isaiah 7:14, and that one Word that got me going: Immanuel! (And I bet you know the song, too.)

A little background: This last Christmas was my first time serving as a volunteer at church during the season. If you don't already know, I serve at ONLINE. Their presentation of "O Come O Come Emmanuel" has, so I've heard, become a classic! And THIS is the song that played in my brain to the point where I just needed to stop what I was doing and play it.

I located it on You Tube, and closed my eyes and started singing, still in my head. Very soon, this just wasn't enough..I needed to stand. Then raise my hands in praise, then dancing-and praising and worshiping until tears fell, and I cried out in love for all He is, for all He's done, and for all the promises He made!

You see, I've been going through one of those dry spells. Not really a "valley" or dark time. Intellectually I know and believe that our Lord is always with me. Daily, I spend time in reading and study of the Word, I pray (sorta) and I journal. Truth be told, I have just been going through the motions lately. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. You know what I mean-impersonal, unconnected.

And so today, led by the Spirit, I celebrated Christmas! Not just the baby in the manger, but the truth that God IS with us-with ME, right here, right now, all day, EVERY day. So often, I think, especially at Christmastime, we focus on this wonderful blessing and all too quickly get back to the mundane. Why can't we celebrate all day every day? After all, He is with us 24/7/365.

The glow of that brief time, fully surrendered in loving worship has faded. Ah how I'd love to just stay in His presence like that. Now I know how the Apostle John felt on Patmos-to be so thoroughly enthralled by our Lord! And like John my heartfelt prayer is AMEN! Come Lord Jesus! (Rev. 22:20)

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