Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Help Me Understand, If You Can?

As I sit here and marvel at the multi-network news coverage of the Michael Jackson Memorial, I am puzzled, amazed and curious all at the same time.

Before I continue-I want to let any possible detractors know that I, as many millions, loved his music, his dancing, his talent. Like so many of my generation, the Jackson Five was one of my favorites, and I blasted "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" and marvelled at the short film music videos "Thriller"...and my personal favorite "Smooth Criminal".

That being said and settled, I am a little distressed at the big deal and massive coverage of his memorial. I am witnessing L.A. close down highways for the caravan to Staples Center--in California, a state that, due to budget shortages, is discontinuing services to the poor, and cutting way back on educational programs. This spectacle is costing the city of L.A. about 3 million dollars!

Network news and other major media outlets have had almost 24/7 coverage since MJ died...almost 2 weeks ago. That so many are out of work, soldiers are dying in our wars,
kids are going to bed hungry and people are homeless in the wealthiest country in the world seems secondary to this entertainer. I really had to stop and think about why this is. Why are people focusing on this when there are really IMPORTANT things that could make better use of their time and resources. Where are the priorities of those who have fallen into the manufactured mystique of this man. If you know, please help me understand.

I wonder if they have examined this as they stand outside the memorial venue just to "be there". Don't they have a life, jobs, children, anything MORE important to do than mourn a man who, while generous, was just a man. Don't they realize that his generosity was made possible because his fans paid big to be entertained. In effect, we, as fans, made him able to be generous.
Doesn't anyone get it? Don't they know that its all about $$$. And not for any one of those millions of people who really have need.If any one of them died, would MJ come to their funeral? Would L.A. close the freeway for their motorcade? I think not.

Out of respect, I won't bring up the weaknesses and negative publicity surrounding him and his lifestyle and even his death. NO one is perfect. And now, MJ is going to stand before his Maker and ours. In the end, he's no better or worse than any of us he stands before God. I really wonder what God thinks of the big deal being made. Please...someone, ANYONE-is it me that is it clueless?
Heb. 9:27

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